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Term of Use Updated/Effective December 2018:

This page has the term of Use in which you might use Passage – A free job Portal in Pakistan Providing Services regard job posting and Resume Posting.
These term of use focused on conditions in which you and privet company – (operational Website) agreed to use the services company being delivered to you. Each time when you registering as employee/ employer must agree with these conditions.

Note: If you do not accept the condition can’t be able to use any services being delivered by Passage.Pk.
The passage.pk allow Users to create individual profiles, which may include personal information – Profile, and to make these Profiles, or aspects thereof, public. In addition, Passage may collect information about you from publicly-available websites and may use this information to create a Profile or append it to an existing Profile.

Passage have all right reserved to update these Terms at any time by posting an updated version to this Web page. You should be stay updated about latest to use being published by Website.

Note: Users who violate these Terms & condition, company reserve right to suspended or terminate them. If individuals/companies have account in this job portal found involved in any sort of criminal activity we have right reserved to suspend their account and provide their information to security agencies of Pakistan.

Use of Passage

Passage.PK authorizes individual/org, subject to these Terms, to access and use the job portal and content and to download and print the content available on or from the Passage Sites solely for your personal, non-commercial use. The stuff being used by passage.pk website for promotion or any sort of online activity like such as designs, text, images, video, information, graphics, logos, icons button, audio files or any sort of content are protected under copyright, trademark and other laws.
Unauthorized use of the Passage.pk Content is strictly prohibited and consider as violation of laws and company have all right reserved to adopt any legal procedure against violator.

User agree that offer or alter the passage Content or replicate, show, freely perform, appropriate, or generally use the Passage Content in any capacity for any open or business reason.
regarding items or administrations that are not those of the Passage Sites, in some other way that is probably going to bring about perplexity among customers, that belittles or dishonors passage or its licensors, that weakens the quality of Passage or its licensor’s property, or that generally encroaches Passage or its licensor’s protected innovation rights. You advance consent to in no other way misuse content. The use of our copyrighted content on whatever other applications not allowed. Any programming code that Passage has produced to modify this portal performance is copyrighted and copy or reproduce of these sort of code considers as copyright claim and must be treated according to low.

Note: The database of CV/companies and profile on Passage.pk can be used by individuals and companies for career opportunities or hiring work force, any other use of database strictly prohibited.

User must agree to not do:

User must agree to not do following things with any part of Passage Platform:

  • transmit, post, disseminate, store or wreck material, including without confinement Passage content, infringing upon any relevant law or control, including however not constrained to laws or directions administering the gathering, handling, or exchange of individual data, or in break of “Passage.pk” security strategy.
  • make any move that forces or do huge load on any Passage.PK Site’s foundation;
  • use any gadget to explore or look any Passage.pk Site other than the devices accessible on the Site, for the most part accessible outsider web programs.
  • use any information mining, robots or comparative information social event or extraction techniques;
  • disregard or endeavor the security of any Site including endeavoring to test, output or test the powerlessness of a framework or arrange or to break security or validation measures without legitimate approval. produce any TCP/IP parcel header or any part of the header data in any email or newsgroup posting;
  • figure out or decompile any parts of our site, total, duplicate or copy in any way any of the our Content, including lapsed occupation postings, other than as allowed by these Terms. Casing or connection to any Passage Content or data accessible from any unless allowed by these Terms; post any substance or material that advances or underwrites false or deluding data or unlawful exercises, or supports or gives instructional data about illicit exercises or different exercises precluded by these Terms, for example, making or purchasing unlawful weapons, damaging somebody’s protection, giving or making PC infections or stealing media;
  • Post any CV or Profile, or apply for any employment for another gathering; impart to an outsider any login accreditations to any part or this platform. Get to information not planned for You or signing into a server or record which You are not approved to get to;
  • post or submit to anything on passage that is deficient, false or wrong anecdotal data or data which is not your ow.
  • post content that contains limited or secret word just get to pages, or concealed pages or pictures; request passwords or by and by identifiable data from different Users; erase or change any material posted by some other individual or substance;
  • pester, affect badgering or supporter provocation of any gathering, organization, or person;
  • send spontaneous mail or email, make impulsive telephone calls or send fake faxes advancing as well as publicizing items or administrations to any User, or contact any clients that have particularly asked for not to be reached by You;
  • Effort to interfere with administration to any User, host or system, including, without confinement, by means of method for presenting an infection to passage.pk. advance or embrace an illicit or unapproved duplicate of someone else’s copyrighted work, such by as giving or making accessible pilfered PC projects or connections to them, giving or making accessible data to evade produce introduced duplicate secure gadgets, or giving or making accessible pilfered music or other media or connections to pilfered music or other media documents;
  • using of Passage.pk Services for any unlawful activities or any illicit movement, or post or present any substance, CV, or employment posting that is defamatory, hostile, certainly or unequivocally hostile, revolting, foul, debilitating, harsh, derisive, supremacist, biased, of a threatening character or prone to bring about irritation, bother, shame, tension or could make provocation any individual or incorporate any connections to obscene, disgusting or sexually express material of any sort, as dictated by passage’ circumspection. post any CV which is not a certified CV and which endeavors to publicize or advance items or administrations.
  • You are in charge of keeping up the classification of your record, Profile and passwords, as relevant. You may not share your watchword or other record get to data with whatever other gathering, briefly or for all time, and you should be in charge of all employments of Your Passage Site enlistments and passwords, regardless of whether approved by you. You consent to instantly tell Passage of any unapproved usage of your record, Profile, or passwords.
  • Infringement of framework or system security may bring about common and additionally criminal obligation. This platform will examine events which may include such infringement and may include, and coordinate with, law requirement commanding voices in indicting Users who are included in such activates.


Conditions For jobseekers

By Registering as a Jobseeker at Passage.PK you agree the accompanying terms of administrations, this platform will govern its job seeker as per following rules and regulations.

term and conditions settled as per the laws of Pakistan.

The resume or information encouraged by the client can be redesigned by the client alone, free of cost. This platform not Offers no certification nor guarantees that there would be an agreeable reaction or any reaction at all once the resume/job seeker data is accepted by the client.

Passage.PK neither certifications nor offers any guarantee about the qualifications confides, status or generally of the planned business/association which downloads the resume/information and usa it to contact the client.

Passage would not be held at risk for loss of any information specialized or something else, or of the resume/addition or data/information or particulars provided by client because of demonstrations of  and additionally reasons outside its ability to control like defilement of information or deferral or inability to execute as a consequence of any or conditions that are past Passage sensible control including yet not constrained to strikes, riots, common agitation, Govt. arrangements, altering of information by unapproved people like programmers, circulated disavowal of administration assaults, infection assaults, war and normal catastrophes.

It should be sole right and obligation of the client to check the validness of all or any reaction got according to the resume/addition or data/information being nourished into the system arrangement of Passage.PK by the client, for leaving station or in station for any occupation or meeting. Passage.PK accepts no accountability in regard thereof and explicitly disavows any obligation for any demonstration, deed or thing which the client may so do, according to the receipt of the reaction, assuming any, to the resume/data being arranged into the system arrangement of Passage.

Transferring of various continues past a sensible utmost by a similar individual, using the same or diverse records might qualifies Passage.PK for evacuate the Resumes without notice to the supporter. This administration is implied for hopefuls searching for reasonable occupations. Any use with business goal is restricted.

Passage.PK claims its authority to dismiss and erase any resume/ information encouraged in by the client without appointing any reason.

This free administration entitles the client alone i.e a similar individual, to include alter or change the information/data nourished in by him yet does not qualifies him for using the free administration to encourage new inclusion or data/information/resume of someone else set up of the addition or data/information as of now sustained in by such client.

Passage.PK has the privilege to make every single such alteration/altering of resume so as to fit resume in its database.

The supporter will choose a secret word at the season of enrollment that will empower the endorser of get to all the data got through passage.pk, yet the sole duty of the sheltered care of the watchword should be that of the supporter and Passage.PK might not be in charge of information misfortune/robbery of information/defilement of information or the wrong use/abuse of the secret word and any harm or break of data and its weighty use by an outsider. Passage.PK attempts to play it safe at its end to guarantee that there is no spillage/abuse of the secret key conceded to the endorser.

It should be the sole obligation of the client to guarantee that it used the protection setting alternatives as it regards fit to suspend/deny access of the information encouraged by it, to such corporate substances people or experts. Passage.PK might not be in charge of such inclusions/information being gotten to by its endorsers or clients whose get to has not been particularly blocked/suspended by the client while using the security settings.

Despite the fact that Passage.PK will try every conceivable push to stick to these security settings, it won’t be in charge of a resume being seen by a blocked client for any reason. For best protection settings it is suggested that you don’t permit your resume to be sought by any stretch of the imagination.

All progressions/alterations made by the client to the information/data should be affected and will come into operation simply following 24-48 hours of such changes/adjustments being made.

Conditions for Publishers/Employers

Passage.Pk designed a free online job portal for all, any job publisher can get advantage or hiring opportunity from resume database provided for find perfect employee, the activities of job publishers might govern under following rules and regulaitons.

The membership expiry date will be figured from the date it was published.

  1. Every addition so showed in the employments segment of Passage.PK might be for a settled period about 30 days which period is liable to change without notice
  1. PK maintains its authority to dismiss any post or data gave by the publisher without allocating any reason either before transferring or in the wake of transferring the opening points of interest, yet in such an inevitability, any sum so paid for, might be discounted to the supporter on an ace rata premise at the sole tact of Passage.PK. As mentioned above that All data hinted by the customer and showed by Passage.PK on Passage.PK gets to be open learning and Passage.PK may at its sole carefulness incorporate the opportunity insinuated by a customer for show on Passage.PK in whatever other media including the print media at no additional expenses to the customer and Passage.PK can’t be held at risk for usage/exposure of such data
  1. PK has the privilege to make every single such alteration/altering of the opening subtle elements with a specific end goal to fit its database. The Subscriber/Recruiter may give up to a greatest of 1 email id’s for an opening presented on Passage.PK on gather response assuming any, specifically to subscriber letter drop. The contact data given by the supporter for all posting ought to be the same and the endorser can’t give different contact data/information with the end goal of posting?
  1. PK offers no certification nor guarantees that there would be a palatable reaction or any reaction at all once the employment is put in plain view
  1. PK should not the slightest bit be held obligated for any data got by the supporter and it might be the sole duty of the publisher of check, validate and confirm the data/reaction.
  1. PK would not be held at risk for loss of any information whether of specialized nature or generally or all or any , data or particulars provided by the clients because of the reasons outside its ability to control like debasement of information or deferral or inability to execute as a consequence of any causes or conditions that are past Passage.PK’ sensible control including yet not constrained to strike, riots, common distress, Govt. approaches, altering of information by unapproved people like programmers, war and common disasters
  1. PK will start giving administrations endless supply of sum/charges forthright either from the endorser or from an outsider in the interest of the supporter. The endorser/Recruiter might give an endeavor to Passage.PK that the employments tried to be promoted on the ordered segment of Passage.PK are in presence, are real and that the supporter has the power to publicize the occupations
  1. PK maintains its authority to change the look, feel, and outline, and unmistakable quality, delineation, grouping of the administrative area of Passage.PK whenever without appointing any reason and without giving any notice
  1. The Publisher/Recruiter must give an endeavor to Passage.PK that there will be no expense charged from any individual who reacts to employments promoted on the grouped segment of Passage.PK for handling of such individual
  1. The membership is neither re-adjustable nor transferable by the Publisher of whatever other individual, corporate body, firm or person. The endorser of this administration might be qualified for such number of postings amid the time of membership as might be settled upon. The employer will choose a secret word at the season of enlistment that will empower the supporter of post opportunities on the site in settled upon section. Just a single office of one corporate substance/firm will be qualified for use this administration and in the event that different workplaces of a similar organization/related organizations, need to use the said benefit, then, they should need to pay extra membership charges for the administration



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