5 Tricky Ways to get Noticed by the Interviewer: 3rd one you should do at most if you find a job in Pakistan!

Best Way to Answer Interview Questions:

Are you looking for a job for months? Have you sent your resume to hundreds of job applications without obtaining just results?

Looking for job from last couple of weeks but never get succeed! Have you sent hundred of job application to differ companies but all in vain, here we discuss some hack about how to get a job instantly.

In this article we would share some important process that applicant should focused while delivering job application in Pakistan.  Well, there are plenty of aspect normally people does not focused on applying a job this article would guide you that how to write a CV intelligently and what you should focused on during wring a CV especially in Pakistan.

The method is really simple, it is divided into 7 steps and repeat it every day, you will be able to multiply your results, and find work more easily.

# 1 Figure Out Your Strengths & Weaknesses

First off all you should figure out your strength and weakness, this is the most asked question by the interviewer normally it is tell me your strengths and weaknesses” Normally people get confused because they have no idea how to answer it.

The first point is to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Normally one of the typical questions in a job interview is usually “tell me your strengths and weaknesses” Normally people get confused because they have no idea how to answer it.
A brightest answer for this question would be:

“Fast learning and creativity is my biggest strength and you know what Creativity Attempting to please everyone would consider my weakness”.

You’ll think about your strengths and your weaknesses in terms of:


Work experience

Job environment est

#2. How much have relevant experience for the position job?

Well, normally people think that technical experience in this regard would be be the best approach but they never go with term of skills like Leaderships, management, work under pressure est.

#3. Specify Knowledge to the Job:

Now it’s time to represent your technical strength professionally here you hold be quantify. Now you should describe the certificates and achievement that you have gain in your previews job would be considered as right answer and convince employer to give you a chance.

#4. State You Motivation:

Never forget to describe in a short that what kind of work motivate you and why you are seeking a new job if you currently an employer of a company. because surely these works are closely related to your strengths and your weaknesses related bit.

#5.  Write an Eye catching resume

Well, the suggestion being read by you in above part of the article was a part of physical an interview. It was stat that the most common question of interview win Pakistan or any part of the planet.
Now suggestion for a good resume start with this statement that never use same resume for all, always modify it according to the statement of Job discretion,
You should focused when you are designing a resume on following aspects:
show the company that you are able to solve their problems and needs, emphasizing your strengths and minimizing your potential weaknesses  as it could be lack of training, experience, etc.


Never forget to take advance of social Networking job portals

Well, now job application turn into digital one, People do search online and apply online. Social networks offer many more possibilities than traditional job portals when getting work.

If you are looking list of Best job websites in Pakistan then never forget to leave you resume on following platforms:


Hope this article would help you to find your dream job and motivate you enough to answer your employer with best solution.


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